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Soon to Be Trending in Philadelphia Kitchens?

Philadelphia homes for sale Stainless Steel Has Reigned Supreme But Will White Appliances Be Taking Over? A few high end product lines have come out recently that are putting sleek white appliances at the forefront of kitchen design.  I think these appliances are right in tune with all the Quartz & Carrera counter tops that have been trending.  I love that they can go super modern or traditional depending on what kind of design elements are used.  I can't help but think of my white...Continue Reading!

Spotted All Over Philly: Quartz Countertops

Philadelphia homes for sale Quartz is One of the Newer Materials We Have Been Seeing in New Construction & Renovations Quartz is a relatively new material for counter tops.  It is a man made engineered stone with a composition of (generally) 90% ground quartz & 8-10% pigments & resins.  It is sold under brand names including Silestone, Caesarstone, Cambria, Zodiaq, Avanza & Technistone.  Angelo's Granite & Marble in South Philadelphia has a great selection. It is becoming extremely popular due to it's borderline indestructible nature &...Continue Reading!

D.I.Y. Upcycle a Bourbon Box Into A Planter

Philadelphia homes for sale Booker's Is a Favorite Around Here & the Box is Perfect for a Stylish Windowsill Planter We received this bottle as a gift from one of our favorite clients & all around awesome builder United Makers (see Cantrell Commons). Check out the awesome branding (literally)! The box is perfect because the plastic lid acts as a little greenhouse so you can use it year round.  Here are the steps to make your own little planter out of a bourbon box or really any little...Continue Reading!

Celebrate the Beautiful Weather Philadelphia is Having with This Caribbean Inspired Cocktail

Philadelphia homes for sale The Time is Now to Break Out the Rum.....It's National Rum Day Today! Rum is usually not my drink of choice unless I am somewhere near the Caribbean or sparkling blue waters.  As I live in Philadelphia this luxury is few & far between.  However, I have heard the weather is supposed to be gorgeous here & at the shore this weekend so we can pretend, can't we? Bonus....this is chock full of ingredients that are said to be antioxidant I...Continue Reading!

Easy DIY With Metallic Spray Paint

Philadelphia homes for sale Transform An Inexpensive Boring Glass Vase Into A Glam Flower Toting Vessel Even Philadelphia row homes with the most open floor plans aren't IDEAL entertaining spaces due to their narrow nature but with a little creativity you can make it happen.  I recently hosted a bridal shower for my boyfriends beautiful sister.  I was in charge of flowers & I wanted to transform some boring glass vases I had into something that went with her wedding theme of gold & purple....Continue Reading!

3 Uses For the One Plant You Need to Have

Philadelphia homes for sale Aloe Vera Plants:  Form Follows Function Aloe vera plants belong to the succulent family.  Succulents are some of my favorite plants due to their ease of care. In Philadelphia, they are best grown as a house plant.  They can be put outside in the warmer months to really thrive.  They need full sun & well draining potting mix.  They have minimal watering needs.  Let them dry out in between waterings & in the winter water, maybe, once a month. These gorgeous juicy looking green stems...Continue Reading!

Cheers to the Weekend!

Philadelphia homes for sale Mojitos to Start the Weekend Off Right I love a Friday happy hour cocktail on my roof deck.  This week I had a craving for a mojito along with an abundance of mint.  No brainer.   Mojito Recipe (Makes about 4) 1 c. simple syrup (boil 1 part sugar & 1 part water until the sugar dissolves) 1 c. lime juice Muddle with a cup of mint & let steep for 15-20 minutes (or don't) Add 1 c. rum (I used 10 Cane....I really liked it) Fill tall glass...Continue Reading!

10 Ways to Maximize a Small Space

Philadelphia homes for sale Philadelphia is Full of Smaller Spaces....Learn How to Make the Most of It From trinities & studios to small condos & pitched ceilings in third floors Philadelphia has it's share of dwellings with a small footprint.  There are quite a few up sides to smaller spaces.  There is less to clean, heat & cool so they are better for the environment, social life & wallet. 1. Multi Purpose Furniture Storage ottomans can be a coffee table with the addition of a tray, store...Continue Reading!

Black Thumb Certified Plants

Philadelphia homes for sale Succulents: Just Try to Kill Them.  I Don't Even Think Your Roof Deck Can Do It. I recently bought a home in Old City after living in Manayunk for 7 years.   In Manayunk I had a fabulous little outdoor space with a huge wall in the back creating ideal conditions for an amateur gardener.  I got lots of sun in the morning, partial shade in the afternoon & protection from the wind with the stone wall.  Now that I live...Continue Reading!

Philadelphia Builder’s Best Kept Secret

Philadelphia homes for sale Angelo's Marble & Granite at 25th & Ellsworth in South Philadelphia I want to share this local company as a trusted source for materials because we have been doing business with them for years & we love working with them.  They have the BEST PRICES, amazing service & are knowledgeable about their inventory.  They welcome & encourage the collaborative process between proprietor & client. Many people want to upgrade their kitchen or buy a fixer upper.  We know that materials are one...Continue Reading!