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5 Investment Real Estate Scenarios: Cap. Rate vs. Location

Philadelphia homes for sale What Kind of Cap Rates To Expect in Different Philly Locations & the Burning Question:  Can Investors Have Both? Over the years Jordan Brody & Co. has carved out a niche specializing in working with developers & investors.  New construction developments are pretty easy for an experienced developer to value due to the known variables of acquisition cost, the cost to hold & using comparable sales in the neighborhood to value the finished product.    Multi family real estate has its...Continue Reading!

Another Temple University Cash Cow Waiting for It’s New Investor

Philadelphia homes for sale It's Multi Monday! Duplex Just off Temple's Campus on Willington Street 1526 Willington is being offered at 535,000 & is fully rented through July 2014.  This property is pulling in $5,200/month.  With low taxes (under $500/annually), 9 years left on the abatement & very low maintenance expenses due to the property being new construction it's a no brainer for the hands off investor.  Down payment varies depending on what kind of investor you are (owner occupant or not) & what you qualify...Continue Reading!

What Kind of Down Payment Do You Need to Buy a Philadelphia Investment Property?

Many Of Our Clients Are Unclear On the Down Payment Needed to Buy A Multi Family Property We thought we would clarify.  There are different options available for different kinds of buyers.  There is no one size fits all option, unfortunately. Options 3.5% down - for the buyer who will be an owner occupant they can go FHA.  They can boost the purchase price by 6% to help cover closing costs.  You can only have 1 FHA loan at a time. 20% down -...Continue Reading!

Top 10 Tips for Buying Investment Property

Philadelphia homes for sale Are You Thinking of Investing in Real Estate? We have helped many clients build their investment portfolio along with their personal net worth through strategic investing in real estate.  Here are our top 10 tips for buying investment property.  If you think you are ready to begin investing or are looking for your next piece contact us today!  We will set up a consultation to help determine your investment goals & figure out what is right for you. [DispletListing listings="yes" price_navigation_prices="250,500,750,1000" minListPrice="0"...Continue Reading!