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Winter Pet Safety

Philadelphia homes for sale After this weekend’s snow storm, we’re all feeling the chill.  With winter boots, hats, gloves and waterproof outwear, staying warm and dry during the winter is generally easy to do.  Our pets however are not so lucky.  Cold weather has just as much of an affect on our pets as us, sometimes even more so as their skin and paws are exposed to the harsh chemicals of salt and bitter cold that we are protected from.  In order to keep...Continue Reading!

Christmas Clean Up: How to Recycle Your Tree

Philadelphia homes for sale The holidays are officially over.  Presents have been given and the countdown to 2016 is long gone.  Most of us are starting the New Year by settling back into the regular work week and fighting off the post-holiday blues.  It's also the time many of us begin to pack up ornaments and prepare to part with the Christmas trees that have brightened our homes this December.  For those that own artificial trees, boxing up the tree for storage is an easy and quick process.  But for those who purchased or...Continue Reading!

Giving Back: Where to Volunteer This Thanksgiving

Philadelphia homes for sale Thanksgiving to New Years is such an exciting time.  Spending time with family, festive activities and great food are just a few of our favorite things during the Holiday season.   We are so lucky to be able to indulge with family and friends but what is important to remember is how others are not as fortunate.  Every day in Philadelphia people are going hungry.  You may see them asking for change or spare food as you head to work, but those...Continue Reading!

Beat The Heat: How Home Heating Affects Your Health

Philadelphia homes for sale The weather is getting colder.  Now is the time for heavy blankets, fuzzy slippers & getting cozy!  It’s also about the time the heat gets turned on.  Whether you like your home super toasty or prefer to keep it low, it’s important to understand how your heater works and more importantly, how it is affecting your health. There’s a delicate balance when it comes to heat in the winter months.  With high heat comes dry air, the main cause of negative health...Continue Reading!

How to Survive The Pope Weekend

Philadelphia homes for sale hibernation tactics for the common philadelphian The papal visit for the World Meeting of Families may not be official until this Saturday, but residents of Philadelphia have been hearing about it for months.  Businesses have been determining their office schedules for the end of this week and the beginning of next.  SEPTA continues to confuse us all with maps & ticket information and multiple news articles have attempted to inform Philadelphians of what to expect and how it will affect the...Continue Reading!

The Last Taste of Summer

Philadelphia homes for sale 7 ways to soak up the sun in philadelphia before fall After a long, hot & humid summer, fall is always an exciting and welcome season.  The thrill of pumpkin spice, orchards, cool weather and Halloween have already begun to stir in late August.  Never a fan of hot summer days, I’ve always been one to embrace the countdown to sweater season.   Still, there is something about an ice cream cone in the late afternoon, weekend beach trips and the ease of...Continue Reading!

Must See Exhibits This Summer in Philly

Philadelphia homes for sale just in time to beat the heat There is something utterly relaxing about a cool quiet museum in the heat of the summer. This summer there are quite a few special exhibits on view that will make your visit that much more special. richard avedon: family affairs at the national museum of american jewish history We are the only city in the United States to have this exhibit on view.  On view will be a "series of four portrait murals inspired by the revolutionary atmosphere of...Continue Reading!

May – Seasonal Favorites

time to find your neighborhood market! Pretty much every neighborhood in Philadelphia has a market that sets up during the growing season. Check out the Food Trusts comprehensive list organized by day of the week along with a map to find out when your local market opens. springs best offerings Some produce is best in spring. It either doesn't grow any other time or it just isn't the same. [gallery ids="10201,10205,10204,10203,10202,10200"] asparagus Tender spring shoots are so much better than their woody counterparts. Roasted Garlic Asparagus by Epicurious garlic scapes The curly...Continue Reading!

Margarita Madness: Cinco De Mayo Edition

Philadelphia homes for sale one, two, three, floor  Just's a school night. Anyway, here are our favorite spots in Philly for margaritas! Xochitl 408 S. 2nd Street $5 Margaritas for Happy Hour from 5-7 El Rey 2013 Chestnut Street $4 Margaritas & $1 Tacos for Happy Hour from 5-6:30 El Vez 121 S. 13th Street Sancho Pistolas 19 W. Girard Avenue $17 Pitchers for Happy Hour from 4-6 Jose Pistolas 263 S. 15th Street $15 Pitchers & $20 Flavored Pitchers for Happy Hour from 4-6 Lucha Cartel 207 Chestnut Street $5 Margaritas & Food Specials for Happy Hour from 4-7 Lolita 106 S....Continue Reading!

How to Get Free Street Trees from PHS

Philadelphia homes for sale tree lined blocks are the best! Follow the steps below. If your home is eligible & you have an active PHS Tree Tenders group planning a group planting this fall you may just have a brand new baby tree outside your home come November 14th. Applications are due by May 3rd! 1. check your sites eligibility See "is your home eligible" below. 2. find your neighborhood tree tender group Click here to find your neighborhood on the PHS Tree Tender Group map. Reach out to the...Continue Reading!