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3 Things You Should NOT Do Before Buying a Home

Philadelphia homes for sale Thinking of Purchasing a Home? There are many things we are told to do, not too many people tell you what you should not do. 1. Don't Make Any Large Purchases Don't buy a car!  Or make large purchases of any kind; especially on credit.  This includes electronics, jewelry, vacations, that dream wedding & furniture.  This reduces the amount of money in your savings or negatively effects your debt to income ratio.  Or both.  This will lessen your purchasing power & raise red...Continue Reading!

What is a Tax Abatement?

Philadelphia homes for sale One Of Our Most Common Buyer Questions Answered! The tax abatement was created to help spur growth & development in Philadelphia.  The basic premise was to stimulate development through creating a demand for residential housing by offering a tax incentive to those purchasing. This Does Not Mean You Pay NO Taxes... The land or improvements have been assessed at some point in recent history.  Whether the assessment is $100 or $10,000 (depending on the parcel's size, location or existing improvements) that amount is...Continue Reading!