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Seller Tip: Open House Precautions

Philadelphia homes for sale protect your privacy & belongings during open houses In Philly, come April, the market is in full swing & the buyers are out in droves so we tend to host a lot of Open Houses. Spring Open Houses can get really busy which is why we always encourage our clients to take the following precautions before we host an Open House at their property. 1. put away valuables Hide anything of value that can easily fit in a pocket. This means jewelry, small...Continue Reading!

Front Door Facelift

give your philly rowhome major curb appeal When you live in a row home curb appeal is as easy as giving your front door a makeover. Let's go over the recipe for success, shall we? 1. upgrade your front door & paint it a fun color Maybe you already have a fabulous front door, if you don't, switch it out for something with a little more pizazz. If you love the front door you have try giving it a fresh coat of paint [gallery ids="9474,9475,9477"] Check...Continue Reading!

Selling Your Home? Term to Know: C.M.A.

Philadelphia homes for sale c.m.a. = comparative market analysis A C.M.A. is research performed to find out the prices at which similar properties in the same area recently sold, properties currently on the market & properties that recently went under contract. Here's what happens when someone calls us & tells us they are interested in selling their home. We start asking questions - like address, number of beds/baths, do you have parking, is your home updated, do you have any outdoor space & what is the square footage (sometimes...Continue Reading!

How Accurate is Your Zestimate?

Philadelphia homes for sale see how philly's zestimates stack up I just read an interesting article from the L.A. Times about the accuracy, I mean, inaccuracy of Zestimates. Shocking, I know. Obviously, I moseyed on over to the Zillow website to see if I could figure this out. According to Zillow there is a 7.8% median error in Philadelphia. We are considered "Good" with a 3 (out of 4) star rating. (see below) I have been looking at this backwards, forwards & sideways because the information presented is convoluted &/or missing....Continue Reading!

Do You Want Your Home to Smell Like a Holiday Haven?

Philadelphia homes for sale seller tip & holiday hack all rolled into one delicious smelling package Want to walk into your home & be like smells amazing in here? Without cooking, baking or plugging in some artificial smelly light bulb plugs? While this is perfect for anyone this is an especially good tip if you are trying to sell your home. items needed: small saucepan cinnamon sticks, cloves, nutmeg (or all three) slices of orange or lemon sprig of rosemary, thyme or bay leaves handful of cranberries, huckleberries or apple...Continue Reading!

7 Tips for Selling an Older Home to a Younger Buyer

Philadelphia homes for sale Sellers of Older Homes Face Unique Challenges Philadelphia is a city of new construction, mid century & older homes.  By older, sometimes we are talking 1700's/1800's old.  While older homes come with a particular charm that can not be recreated with new materials & building styles; they also have their own specific challenges when selling.  This city is full of first time home buyers who tend to be intimidated of older homes & are bewildered by the cost of repairs.  Sometimes...Continue Reading!

How Do I Determine Pricing For My Home?

Philadelphia homes for sale Selling Your Home in Philadelphia & Want to Know How Realtors Determine Pricing?  Read On.... Good listing agents will put together a Comparative Market Analysis otherwise known as a C.M.A. Step 1 They work with you to do some research on your particular home such as number of beds & baths, parking, square footage, how updated the home is...especially kitchen & bathrooms, central air & any additional features such as a finished basement or roof deck. Step 2 Now we go into the MLS &...Continue Reading!

Should Homeowners Be Home for Showings?

Philadelphia homes for sale Many Homeowners Ask Us This Exact Question Our answer is no! Why? Buyer's want the opportunity to look at your home objectively.  A good listing agent will have all the features that you feel you should be pointing out spelled out for any potential buyer & a good buyer's agent will be pointing these features out along the way.  A good buyer's agent should have also done an in depth consultation with their buyers before showing any properties so they know what features...Continue Reading!

Curb Appeal….We All Want It! Here’s How to Get It!

Philadelphia homes for sale Curb Appeal is Crucial! We have already explained 10 things to do to get your home ready to list.  Number one for us is add curb appeal.  It sets the tone when brokers & potential buyers view & first step into your home.  You want to make sure to create a positive experience.  Here are a few ways to help enhance the curb appeal of your home. 1. Get a Different Perspective Go across or down the street from your home & really...Continue Reading!

Top 10 Ways to Get Your Home Ready to List

Philadelphia homes for sale You made the plunge & have decided to move! Homeowner's often ask us what they can do to assist in this process.  We put together a list of what we feel is the most important (not the most expensive)! 1. "You never get a second chance to make a first impression" We have talked about curb appeal before and we just may again.  Make sure your side walk & steps are swept, newspapers and circulars are picked up regularly & paint isn't chipping...Continue Reading!