Happy Thanksgiving!

Philadelphia homes for sale philadelphia thanksgiving day parade Today is one of our favorite holidays of the year and we can’t wait to celebrate with great food and company tonight.  If you’re up early today, head to Center City to check out the 6ABC Dunkin’ Donuts Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Whether seeing in person or watching on TV, the Thanksgiving Day Parade is quite a sight for both children and adults.  With tons of elaborate floats, marching bands and celebrity appearances, it’s fun for the whole...Continue Reading!

Giving Back: Where to Volunteer This Thanksgiving

Philadelphia homes for sale Thanksgiving to New Years is such an exciting time.  Spending time with family, festive activities and great food are just a few of our favorite things during the Holiday season.   We are so lucky to be able to indulge with family and friends but what is important to remember is how others are not as fortunate.  Every day in Philadelphia people are going hungry.  You may see them asking for change or spare food as you head to work, but those...Continue Reading!

Picking The Perfect Pumpkin Patch

Philadelphia homes for sale and the fall fun continues! We've shown you where to get a good scare, now we're letting you know some of our favorite spots for pumpkin picking!  Living in a bustling city like Philadelphia, it's going to be difficult to find an orchard anywhere near City Hall.  While there are many local neighborhood spots that will be selling festive pumpkins, hay and other fall goods, to get the true experience you'll have to head outside of the city.  Luckily for us,...Continue Reading!

May – Seasonal Favorites

time to find your neighborhood market! Pretty much every neighborhood in Philadelphia has a market that sets up during the growing season. Check out the Food Trusts comprehensive list organized by day of the week along with a map to find out when your local market opens. springs best offerings Some produce is best in spring. It either doesn't grow any other time or it just isn't the same. [gallery ids="10201,10205,10204,10203,10202,10200"] asparagus Tender spring shoots are so much better than their woody counterparts. Roasted Garlic Asparagus by Epicurious garlic scapes The curly...Continue Reading!

Go South for Philly’s Other Restaurant Week

Philadelphia homes for sale restaurant week in east passyunk at the end of february The 3rd annual East Passyunk Restaurant Week runs from February 22nd - February 28th. If you think Center City is the only game in town for great dining options, think again! We're a foodie city & East Passyunk does not disappoint. Something tells me Townsend is probably already booked up so if you can't get a reservation for dinner go for a drink before or after your dinner. It's one of my favorite spots in...Continue Reading!

Weekend Adventure: Wyebrook Farm in Bucolic Chester County

Philadelphia homes for sale perfect for foodies, conscious carnivores & conservationists Wyebrook Farm is a unique place where you can buy meat from their animals (heritage breeds of cows, pigs & chickens) that were treated humanely & see how they live.  You are encouraged to wander the property (which is truly magnificent), meet the animals & ask questions.  The point of Wyebrook Farm (beyond sustainable agriculture) is so the consumer can see where the food comes from & support their local community.  In the age of styrofoam...Continue Reading!

Going Green: 3 Reasons to Sign Up for a CSA

Philadelphia homes for sale why you should give community supported agriculture a try CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  This is a way of getting fresh fruits & vegetables directly from a local farmer or farmers by pre paying for a "share" of their harvest.  In return, once or twice a week, you will receive a box of fresh from the farm fruits & vegetables for a set period of time during the growing season.  Some shares even have local add-ons like cheese, milk, yogurt...Continue Reading!

Eating Great Meat Will Be Much Easier in Philadelphia

Philadelphia homes for sale In the Mean Time:  How About Some Fried Chicken? Kensington Quarters; a bar/restaurant/classroom/butcher shop mash up brain child of Michael Pasquarello (Cafe Lift, Prohibition Taproom & Bufad) & Brian Mayer (Brooklyn transplant & super star butcher) is opening soon in Fishtown at 1310 Frankford Avenue.  Now socially conscious yet carnivorous foodies will have a brick & mortar shop to revel in all things meat related.  There will be a classroom to learn about the (almost) lost art of butchering.  The butcher...Continue Reading!

How to Roast a Chicken in About an Hour

Philadelphia homes for sale That Will Beat Any Rotisserie Chicken From the Grocery Store The secret?  Get your butcher to cut the backbone out & crack the breastbone so it lays flat.  Or do it yourself with some sharp kitchen shears.  I prefer to leave it to the professionals at Giunta's in the Reading Terminal. What you'll need: 1 butterflied chicken Olive oil Salt Pepper Cast iron skillet, dutch oven or a roasting pan (see my makeshift roasting pan below) Directions: 1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees 2. Meanwhile put a couple of tablespoons...Continue Reading!

Where to Order a Fresh Turkey in Philadelphia

Philadelphia homes for sale Thanksgiving Would Not Be Complete Without a Turkey as Your Centerpiece So why go frozen when you can go fresh?  Frozen turkeys may be easier because you can just head right to the grocery store & grab one but the perks of fresh far outweigh that minor convenience.  So get your order in A.S.A.P.! Three Reason Why Fresh is Best 1. Defrosting a Turkey is Hard! How long does it need to thaw?  Do you leave it out or in the fridge?  What if...Continue Reading!