3 Home Inspection Items To Not Freak Out Over

Philadelphia homes for sale you found your dream home:  don't let these common items kill the deal No first time home buyer forgets their first home inspection.  All the critiquing, advice & jargon being thrown around can be really overwhelming.  It can be difficult to extract the not so big items from the things that are big.  Remember, no home is perfect & this is your opportunity to do your homework so you can negotiate with the sellers for necessary repairs or credits.  Now, some...Continue Reading!

More Home Inspection Questions Answered!

Philadelphia homes for sale A Little More In Depth Information About Home Inspections.. Earlier we defined the basics of a home inspection, however, we wanted to go into a little more detail & answer a few of the less common questions we get about the inspection. QUESTION: Who defines the scope of the home inspection? ANSWER: The scope of a home inspection, the services to be performed, and the systems and conditions to be inspected or excluded from inspection may be defined by a contract between the...Continue Reading!

Home Inspection Questions Answered!

Philadelphia homes for sale The Basics A home inspection contingency is one of many contingencies set forth in a purchase contract.  The time period is completely dependent on negotiations, however, what inspections to be performed are chosen by the buyer.  The financial burden for paying for the inspection is the buyer's responsibility & varies depending on company & which inspections are to be performed.  We recommend all our buyers get a home inspection regardless of the homes condition as it is crucial to uncover any...Continue Reading!